Leb Raah Australian Shepherds
Established 1975

Raising Aussies has been a joy not only to myself but for the numerous families who have adopted our puppies over the 40 + years we have raised them. We are not a big name kennel, but still strive to breed Aussies that are of good  quality which encompasses, structure, disposition and being free of genetic defects. We want to contribute to keeping the reputation of the Aussie high.
 We value Aussies devotion ,enjoy their intelligence and beauty.  All we who own them are very biased in our belief there is no better breed of dog in the world :-)  Well I guess they just "fit" our lifestyle so well out here on the farm with the children and our critters so well.......they are "perfect" for us and for so many others who have the privilege of owning one...or two or three :-)  You cant own just one !  This journey with Aussies has been a special blessing in my life and  to so many who have been able to share life with them.  Some day I should retire....but for now... I need to "share" these wonderful Aussies with others...
Contact :

Denise Hillman / Preston



Lakeville, In.46536



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